Exterior of Villa Arnica in Lana surrounded by the garden.
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Villa Arnica

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Villa Arnica in Lana


There is life in the residence built in 1925. Adventures, experiences, comforts, encounters are found in the smallest details. They connect to create something magnificent. Villa Arnica is a striking place with bathrooms adorned with cross-vaulted ceilings and an antique portable tube radio humming of times long gone or – who knows – the future! You like that? Welcome to our house!


Our commitment inspires us to be discreet. We hold demureness and grace in high regard. We value noble-mindedness and character. In everything. The floor under our feet grounds us and the surrounding mountains inspire us. Put your mind at rest and enjoy listening to the present – we invite you to do just that.


Demureness and grace is reflected in the architecture too: the villa built in 1925 looks graceful from the outside. The Interior Design Studio Biquadra created the charming inside. Hello cross-vaulted ceilings! Around the villa the landscape gardeners have designed a vigorous, fragrant and singing nature park. Barefoot across the meadow – even in winter.


Surrounded by vineyards, apple and palm trees, hills and mountains. Villa Arnica lies immersed in bliss and enchantments in the middle of Lana. Light-footed or by bicycle and easy to reach.